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We EQUIP Leaders...

To GROW Churches...

That EMPOWER People...

To BUILD Communities!

The success of an organization's growth rises and falls according to leadership! All leaders, no matter how experienced, need continual professional development experiences.  The My Church Can Grow experience offers leaders an opportunity to grow alongside their pastor.  Everyone gets to hear the same thing at the same time so you can all grow together!

Finally, get the TRAINING YOU NEED to succeed!

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February 23-24, 2024
Ministry Leadership Intensive

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These session topics will revolutionize your ministry:

  • Church Planting 101

  • Professional Development for New Leaders

  • The Pastor and Worship Leader Relationship

  • Creating Worship that Flows

  • Embracing a Lifestyle of Worship

  • Shifting the Atmosphere: Creating an Environment the Encourages Worship

  • Emerging Worship: How to Make Worship Relevant in a Cross-Generational Culture

  • Who's Role Is It? Organizing Your Worship Ministry for Growth

  • Strategic Ministry Planning

  • Understanding the Work Behind the Worship

  • Make Me a Worshiper: Transcending Your Personal Experience in a Congregational Context

  • Worship That Speaks: Do You Understand the Words That are Coming Out of My Mouth?

  • Lights, Camera, Action: How Production Techniques Can Add or Distract from the Worship Experience

  • When Leaders Worship: a Leaders Role in Encouraging Cooperate Worship

  • What Every Pastor Wishes you Knew About Worship

  • Engage: Developing a Culture of Servant Ministry 

  • Your Church CAN grow!

  • Reaching, Engaging, and Discipling Young Adults!

  • Developing a Culture of Hospitality

  • Do You Smile When You Sing? Finding Joy in the Songs You Sing.


Personal GrowthShops

Want one-on-one training sessions?

We'll meet you face2face via web conference or even join you for a physical meeting. With a network of trainers offering various skillsets and proven results, we'll pair you with the growth professional you need in a private session where your goals and objectives can be strategized for maximum results!

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