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As a consultant in the business, media, music and ministry industries, it has become clear to me that putting up a good look for your product, program and persona is important! But it's just as important to have substance behind the look! Resurrection Sunday was the BEST time for ministries to shoot photos and videos for future content because of the normal increase in attendance to cover the gaps you may have on a weekly basis! But, I also believing that posting catfishing full sanctuary photos of everyone dressed head to toe is false advertisement if that's not going to be the first-time visitor's reality once they finally give your experience a chance! I've taught numerous of churches how to frame their video and photo shots to use angles where the gaps aren't seen. But, I've also compelled those congregations to do the WORK of evangelism and discipleship to make that experience a reality!

If you are a pastor or ministry leader in the post-pandemic and you're STILL not teaching the basics, here is a reminder! The reason most churches struggled (and still are) to find a grip during those 3+ years was NOT because of the technology! In actuality, the technology upgrades that many forward-thinking leaders had been pushing for and the social media engagement most young people had been asking for was only embraced out of a sense of CRISIS! Most never saw live-streaming as a viable asset to the life of their ministries until no one was coming to drop off their offering money!

Here's the CONSIDERATION...What if it happens again?

In the pre-pandemic, truthfully, we knew that what we were offering in ministry was inadequate! Many pastors were actually thankful that we had an empty church and could FINALLY get the support necessary to make big transitions to the physical buildings! But NO EFFORT WAS MADE to activate Evangelism and Discipleship models to win souls or develop the formation of those who were already believers! The thought was like the movie, "The Field of Dreams"! "If we build it they will come!" Now that you've invested in the upgrades, they REALLY AIN'T COMING!" And the reality is, it could happen! People are back to not washing their hands, sneezing on each other, and not disinfecting and cleaning...everywhere!

What's the solution?

Make Evangelism and Discipleship THE PRIORITY! Pulpit TedTalks are very convenient because it doesn't cost you the labor to produce oil! But...the people ain't coming back if it's not oily! Pulpit TedTalks are like microwave's just enough to make you think it's a meal...until it runs out!

1) Teach people the Word of God and not your opinion!

2) Train people to use the scriptures to win people to Christ on a daily basis!

3) "Study to show thyself approved", not to show yourself informed and trending!

4) Make the time and energy investment to disciple the ones you've got before you reach to get some more! That's spiritual stewardship!

5) You recommit to what you desire others to commit to!

Need help with media upgrades to elevate you in-person or broadcast presentation?

Need help developing vision for your church or ministry?

Need help with leadership development and discipleship?

Need help with Evangelism strategies?

Connect the team here at MyChurchCanGrow! We'd love to help!

RJ Stevenson

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