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Worship Through Mucus and STEAM

Soooooo...its probably due to my current battle with Congestion, but...God dealt with me in the shower this morning concerning my experience. My condition is simply understood, I'm suffering from mucus Congestion!

After consulting Dr. G. Oogle, MD, I learned that Chest Congestion is caused when excess mucus and plegm accumulate in the lungs because the mucus membranes have gone into production.

Chest Congestion has caused me to experience shortness of breath! It seems like just when I think I'm getting a moment of relief, here it comes again! Funny thing is, I can go outside in a different environment and I'll be fine, but as soon as the temperature changes, here I am again...hacking and sneezing it up!

Though it causes me lots of discomfort, the sneezing and coughing and snotting and sweating are my body's attempts to get the MUCUS out! It doesn't belong there and is clearly not welcomed by the internal parts of my body.

Then God shared this with me about the spiritual context of MUCUS:

Molecular Undercurrent (causing) Confusion (and) Unresolved Stagnation

The little molecules of stuff between us relate to what the Word of God mentions as "little foxes that soil the vine" (Song of Solomon 2:15). When simple "little" things among us go Unresolved, those "molecules" go unnoticed to the natural eye until those "small things" accumulate and inevitably result in openly seen sickness that is often viral and contagious before we realize what's happened!

This makes it hard for you (us) to breathe!

Worship related to giving God His breath back! It is difficult to give God his breath back when the breathing gets hard! It's hard to find comfort in the place of worship when worship hurts! Many times, rather than seeking a remedy to breathe easier, people often leave the environment due to the "Church hurt", but never get healed. That causes the viral infection to potentially spread to everywhere else they go!

But often after the hurting person leaves, the cause of infection is never addressed, but allowed to reside until the body embraces the infection as its new normal. This could be related to as a form of spiritual "walking pheumonia" where now the body appears to be moving in a healthy state...until it abruptly dies! A person can know its sick, but because it's desire to move forward is so strong will often ignore its symptoms just so it can keep working. Sick People walk around with infectious contact lenses...use viral toothbrushes...never change contaminated air filters...lay in snotty sweaty bed sheets...and often (even after COVID-19) refuse to take the time to wash their hands! I'm sorry to be so graphic about the imagery, but imagine what that does to us spiritually! Your spiritual insight is blurred, what comes out of your mouth prophetically is tainted, you're breathing dusty worship, wrapping yourself in dirty garments, and walking in unforgiveness!

As I enjoyed the warm water in the shower, I started to experience relief! The relief was evidently being created by the STEAM! The steam helped me get my breath back, loosened up the MUCUS, and provided the relief that I'd been seeking! It was just that simple...STEAM! Here's what the Lord shared with me about STEAM!


Spirit . Teaching . Environment . Atmosphere . Worship

One Spirit

We MUST operate in the spirit of God.

Out individual spirits must be intentionally subjected to developing unity throughout the team. We MUST contend to worship together...on one the Spirit of God! We MUST be intentional about developing healthy relationships within the team to unite our hearts. This will hopefylly assist in resolving misunderstanding and conflict quickly. As we serve on the team, we must often subdue our personal feelings, emotions and preferences for the growth of the team.

Sound Teaching

We MUST intentionally embrace the teaching of our leaders to take our individual lives to the next level and develop us as a stronger team. We must seek opportunities to apply what we've been taught in our individual lives and as we further develop our team. Actively engaging as our leaders are speaking into our lives will help us hear the same thing, see the same thing, and speak the same thing!

Environment of Worship

We MUST contend to maintain an environment conducive of worship! If we as a team are intentional about doing what we can to protect the worshipping environment (sanctuary, home, heart...and anywhere else we're intentional about communing with God) we'll experience less outside interference.

Atmosphere of Worship

We MUST be intentional about maintaining an atmosphere conducive for worship! As a team, we are committed to adding our gifts talents and skills to charging the atmosphere with Worship praise and adoration! As we go after His presence, He'll take over!

(M) Experience the Worship: Invert the Worship so it affects ME!

Often those who serve in worship ministries are so focused on the assignment that they don't engage in the experience! Though our Worship to God is upward focused, to truly change us, it must also affect ME first! There is no way that we can Worship in Spirit and Truth with friction, confusion and duress! We've got to let the lyrics we present through voice and note to permeate our hearts first before we serve it to others! If we don't feel God's presence in the music during our private time of preparation, then we shouldn't expect others to experience Worship that doesn't convict us first! To "Worship God in spirit and truth" but hold contention in our hearts, be out of fellowship with each other, and not give God our best is pschyzophrenic in nature and emits a spirit of confusion among the congregation causing ALL of our efforts to be ineffective! Be intentional about feeling the presence that we are producing for others! Imagine us doing all this work to create an experience that we don't experience ourselves! Deliverance, healing, and change must first be evident in us!

I'm excited about us growing together as we move forward to more intimate experiences of worship! Let's start STEAM-ing together!

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